Reflections Contest

2018-2019 Theme to be Announced


Let's encourage our students to think of creative ways to share this year's theme in a photograph, drawing, writing piece, dance, song or in a video.

This year’s theme (to be announced). Follow these instructions to create and submit your student's entry(ies): 

* complete in entirety, the Entry Form (entries will be rejected at regional and above levels if form is incomplete).

* please read and follow instructions in the Rules and Regulations document

* submit entry(ies) to front office no later than (to be announced). Local judging will take place and the top five (5) in each category will be submitted immediately thereafter to the regional judges. 

Timeline of judging: 

December (to be announced), 2018  - local selections are due to regional judges / February (to be announced), 2019 - top 3 in each category by region due to state judges / March (to be announced), 2019 - top 1 in each category due to national judges / May (to be announced), 2019 - National winners announced