Inclusion! Experience! Fun!

OJR MS PTA is here....to support our teachers and administrators by including all students in the middle school experience and to have fun! Middle school is a chance for our students to learn with new friends, find their individuality and work together as a community of diverse talents, skills and intentions.

Your membership dues, your donations and the middle school dance ticket sales allow the PTA to provide: three PTA dances, the 7th grade BBQ, the 8th grade Civil War re-enactments and an end-of-year staff appreciation luncheon.  

Here's What's Happening....Join us.....


  • Thurs, Sep 26 - PTA General Membership Meeting - 7:00 PM MS LGI Room

A 2019/2020 revised Budget was approved at the 9/26/2019 general meeting.

  • Fri, Oct 18 - Fall Dance - 7:00-9:00 PM - chaperones and food donations appreciated

  • Thur, Nov 14 - PTA Meeting - 7:00 P.M. LGI Room

  • Fri, Dec 6 - Winter Dance - 7:00-9:00 PM - chaperones and food Donations appreciated

  • Thurs, Jan 23 - PTA General Membership Meeting

Nominating Committee and Budget Committee solicited - interested current pTA members should apply

  • Thu, Mar 19 - PTA General Membership Meeting 6:30 PM MS LGI Room -

nominations and budget presented; both posted for May election/vote

  • Fri, Mar 20 - Spring Dance Alternative

  • Thur, May 20 - PTA General Membership Meeting - 7:00 PM MS LGI Room -

election of board members and vote on final budget for new year

  • Friday, June 5 - Last day of school - Staff & Teacher Appreciation Lunch


2019-2020 Board Members 

* Kim Arp, President

* Kathy O’Flynn, 1st Vice-President

* Ramakrishna Thadisetty, 2nd Vice-President

* Heather marlow, Secretary

* Jennifer Hatt, Treasurer